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Are you missing out on important emails? Chances are, your inbox is getting flooded with hundreds of emails, some
important and some not so relevant. In order to avoid missing responding to important emails, it is advised that you reduce
the number of emails you receive. This way, you can focus on what’s needed and never miss any important announcement!
Listed below are a few ways to get fewer emails:
Newsletters, mailing lists and notifications: unsubscribe from anything that you do not require
Know which emails to respond to:
Not every email needs a response. Categorize which emails are important and respond efficiently to those
Respond with short replies:
Avoid writing too much in emails. Be succinct and reply to emails in a concise manner.
Be assertive:
Respond with statements like “10 am” instead of “Maybe 10 or 11 am, what do you suggest?”
Opt for personal interactions:
When possible, get personal and talk face-to-face or over the phone. This can also prevent miscommunication.
Cut down the number of unnecessary emails you receive and respond
far more efficiently to important emails.